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Bright Eye™ Sensor Networking Article

How easily can you upgrade and modify your existing tank gauging system?

Changing environmental regulations and expanding sites have encouraged tank gauging and leak
detection equipment manufacturing engineers to re-evaluate the flexibility of their equipment. Advanced
technology has given us the opportunity to better equip our customers.
In the world of tank gauging and leak detection, one of the most frustrating problems is the accommodation of new equipment or expand-ability to meet new requirements. Site owners are continually pressed to look at this problem. As a site owner, have you ever replaced the technology you had to accommodate a new feature or requirement?

Research in the petroleum industry has identified three key problems.

1. Will it be physically and technically possible to add new equipment to an existing site?
2. Can your system meet the needs of changing environmental requirements?
3. Installation costs associated with new sites or retrofits.

A lack of flexibility and expansion ability in tank gauging and leak detection systems has resulted in
costly retrofitting and or replacement equipment. New regulations, such as in-station diagnostics (ISD),
which require the monitoring of dispenser hoses and the pressure of vapors in tanks have created a
demand for systems that can accommodate these changes without having to add new equipment, new
console modules, modified equipment, additional cable runs, additional conduit runs, or worse, entire new

While researching the electrical architecture and intrinsic safety restrictions of European markets, it
became apparent that finding a way to network multiple monitoring points along one cable run would
greatly expand the flexibility and adaptability of leak detection systems as we now know them. In
addition, networking technology will allow us to build smaller, more accommodating consoles. Keeping
this advantage in mind, networking would make it easier to add new accessories to existing systems. For
instance, one of the sites we analyzed in Spain had six tanks on site which required six magnetostrictive
probe cables, six interstitial sensor cables, six sump sensor cables and six dispenser pump sensor cables.
Cable runs for this one site were a minimum of 24 and ran anywhere from 30 to 50! By networking
probes and sensors, sites like this one are easily wired and can be monitored off one control system.
What typically would have required 18 sensor cables for a 6-tank system now would only require one!
Think of the cost advantages in reduced conduit runs, cable runs, and overall installation time.

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