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Mini-Me EPA Mandate


EPA has mandated that all States post training requirements for all Class A, B, and C UST Operators

Who must be trained and what must the training cover?

According to EPA’s guidelines, states must identify three classes of operators and minimum requirements for each class. The three operator classes and objectives of training described below are based on EPA’s guidelines. Owners and operators should check with the state where their UST’s are located to determine state-specific operator class descriptions and applicable training requirements.

Class A operators – have primary responsibility to operate and maintain the UST system and typically manage resources and personnel to achieve and maintain compliance.  Training for Class A operators should allow the operator to make informed decisions regarding compliance with regulatory requirements.

Class B operators – have daily responsibility for on-site operation and maintenance of UST systems.  Training for Class B operators should provide an in-depth understanding of operation and maintenance aspects of UST systems.

Class C operators – are daily on-site employees who are generally the first line of response to events indicating emergency conditions.  Training should allow the Class C operator to take appropriate action in response to
UST related emergencies or alarms caused by spills or releases from an UST system.


How to greatly simplify UST Training Requirements?

Provide one universal interface that is simple to navigate and understand!


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