99 LD-3000 | Mechanical Line Leak Detector

Flow Rates over 200 GPM Application: 3 & 5 Horsepower Submersible Pumps

Unlock unparalleled flow rates exceeding 200 GPM with the 99 LD-3000—an application-specific solution designed for 3 & 5 Horsepower Submersible Pumps. Engineered for efficiency, this versatile system can be upgraded in the field to eliminate thermal-induced slow flow, providing submersible shutdown and alarm notification to site monitoring equipment.

Upgrade to ISM-4080 for Enhanced Capabilities:Explore the ISM-4080, an easy field upgrade for both existing and new installations. This advanced module not only eliminates thermal-induced slow flow but also offers submersible shutdown and alarm notification. Tailor your system with capabilities for staging turbines and controlling solenoid valves, ideal for loading racks and marine applications.

Prefer to Eliminate False Alarms Only? Choose ARM-4073:If your application doesn't require staged turbines, solenoid valve control, alarm notification, or submersible shutdown, the ARM-4073 is the solution for you. Upgrade to eliminate false alarms and ensure a smooth, uninterrupted operation.

Request information today and discover how these upgrades can optimize your flow rates and enhance the performance of your submersible pumps.

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