The AD-8-1 is an automatic programmable speech dialer with multiple alarm inputs.  It is designed for verbal reporting of two separate events (i.e., low product; leak), one message per input.  Each message can be reported to 4 different remote telephones, or both messages can be reported to the same 4 telephones.  Reporting to numeric or voice pagers is also possible.

A communication session with the first / second group of telephones is initiated by triggering alarm inputs Z-1 / Z-2, or by pressing AL-1 / AL-2 on the front panel, respectively.  The alarm logic of each input is programmed separately by the installer.

Pulse or DTMF (touch tone) dialing can be used to establish communication with the called party, in accordance with the local telephone network.  The dialer performs certain functions in response to DTMF control codes received from remote telephones.

Whenever a message is acknowledged by the called party, the dialer activates a highly sensitive microphone, to allow the called party to monitor the installation site for sound.  The “listening-in” period is limited in time, but the called party can send a specific DTMF code to prolong it.

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