BX-LS-895 | Non-Distinguishing Sensor

Our BX-LS .895 non-distinguishing sensor is designed to fit various applications, including sumps, dispenser pans, containment areas, and annular spaces of double-wall steel tanks.

OMNTEC sensors are well-known for their ease of installation, reliability, cost-effectiveness, and the convenience of being tested remotely. OMNTEC Bright Eye sensors are equipped with self-diagnostic capabilities and programmed to identify their location and provide the user with critical information. Our Bright Eye Sensors are equipped with internal microprocessors that make them unique in the system. Each sensor is easily identifiable by its serial number, part number, and function. This enables our OEL8000II controller to locate any leak quickly and accurately.

Our BX-series sensors use four-wire bus technology, allowing up to 22 sensors to be connected via a common cable. This eliminates the need for separate lines for each sensor, resulting in quicker, easier, and more cost-effective installation. Plus, retrofitting of existing systems is also possible without the need for new cables.

It's small size and ability to detect liquids at any angle make it an ideal choice for many types of applications.

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