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OMNTEC sensors are most known for their ease of installation, reliability, cost effectiveness and their ability to be tested remotely. Bright Eye sensors (BX-series) are self diagnostic, and programmed to identify themselves and their location, providing the user with critical information.

Each sensor can recognize its unique serial number, part number and function. It accomplishes this via an internal microprocessor that enables it to distinguish itself from the other sensors on the system. This information is then relayed back to the OEL8000II controller, eliminating the need to guess where a leak condition is occurring.

Built with four wire buss technology, up to 22 Bright Eye (BX-series) sensors can be networked along a common cable. (A total of 44 Bright Eye sensors can be used with the OEL8000II.) This eliminates the need to run separate lines for every sensor, which results in fewer conduits, and a quicker, less expensive and easier installation. In addition, systems already installed can be easily retrofitted without the need to run new cable.

A major feature of these sensors is that they can be tested from a remote location with the press of a single button, which has been third party certified.

The OMNTEC BX-series product distinguishing sensors employ proven optic technology for leak detection coupled with the principle of conductivity to distinguish between product and water. An internal microprocessor enables the BX-series sensors to be self diagnostic and self identifying. Each sensor can recognize its serial number, part number and function. This allows the controller to differentiate one sensor from another on the network and relay critical information to the user.

The BX-PDWF was designed to fit into the annular space of dry double-wall fiberglass tanks. It can distinguish liquid hydrocarbons from water, and, like all BX-series sensors, can be remotely tested without removal. With its slim, compact shape and flexible snake like shaft, the BX-PDWF can easily be installed and removed from grade. (When ordering, the part number will denote tank diameter.)

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