Introducing the BX-RES Dual Point Hydrostatic Sensor by OMNTEC, designed specifically for brine-filled double-wall tanks.

The BX-RES Hydrostatic Sensor employs advanced hydrostatic technology to accurately measure the pressure exerted by the brine within the tank. With dual-point sensing capabilities, it ensures comprehensive coverage, allowing you to obtain precise readings at multiple levels. This feature is particularly crucial for double-wall tanks, providing enhanced monitoring and early detection of any potential issues.

Crafted with industry-leading expertise, the BX-RES Hydrostatic Sensor is built to withstand the challenging environment of brine-filled tanks. Its robust design and durable materials ensure longevity and consistent performance, making it an ideal choice for industries relying on the secure storage of liquids.

Installation is streamlined, and the sensor seamlessly integrates into the PROTEUS series of Automatic Tank Gauges, providing real-time data that you can trust. The BX-RES Hydrostatic Sensor not only meets but exceeds industry standards, offering peace of mind and confidence in your tank monitoring operations.

Stay ahead of the curve with OMNTEC's BX-RES Dual Point Hydrostatic Sensor, a reliable solution for precise liquid level measurements in brine-filled double-wall tanks. Trust in the accuracy and durability of this sensor to optimize your storage system's performance and ensure the integrity of your valuable assets.

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