CLD Portable Containment Sump Tester

The impact of EPA Regulation 40 CFR Part 280.35 on mandatory sump testing is significant.

This regulation requires owners and operators of Underground Storage Tank (UST) systems with spill and overfill prevention equipment and containment sumps used for interstitial monitoring of piping to regularly test their equipment to prevent releases to the environment. Records of testing or inspection must be maintained for three years.

To help meet these requirements, the CLD Series (OEL8000IIICLD) Portable Containment Sump Tester is available. This system, which comes in a durable Pelican case with wheels, provides on-the-spot containment leak detection and is available in multiple probe configurations depending on specific site requirements. Each system includes a microprocessor-based controller with a printer, probe input connectors, probes, and suspension chains, as well as a 50-foot probe cable and a 12-foot power cord.

In addition to the CLD kit, angle irons, water, a grounded extension cable, safety cones, and items to stabilize the probe and probe cables may be required.

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