Delivery Defender Lite | Overfill Alarm

Delivery Defender Lite™ (DDL) is a universal remote overfill alarm in a compact NEMA4X enclosure. This unit can connect to our PROTEUS® line of ATGs along with most industry standard Tank Gauging systems. The DDL provides delivery and alarm indication outside, where your fuel provider can observe current tank conditions. Equipped with high intensity sunlight visible LED indicators, high decibel horn/general alarm light, the DDL provides critical information to the filling operator.

How it works: When a tanker pulls on to a site the driver can easily see the illuminated green light, indicating the DDL is functioning normally. The driver can then test functionality by holding the push button for 3 seconds. If all indicators and horn activate and the “System Normal” light remains lit the driver has peace of mind that the system is operable.

Providing enhanced delivery monitoring, once a drop has started, the DDL’s “Delivery In Progress” light, along with the Tank(s) light(s) receiving the delivery will start to flash and continue until the delivery is complete.

If the overfill level is reached the horn and light will sound and the Tank(s) light(s) will switch to continuously on. Should a driver begin fueling a tank that is already in a high level state the DDL will respond by reactivating the general horn and light.

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