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ECC Series | E-Stop Control Center

OMNTEC’s E-Stop Control Center provides e-stop controls for the entire site in one easy to install enclosure.


The E-Stop Control Center enables compliance with National Electrical Code 514.11 and NFPA 30A 6.7. OMNTEC provides emergency stop controls to disconnect power conductors, neutral conductors, and low voltage wiring required by NEC and NFPA. The controls provide simultaneous disconnecting of fuel dispensing equipment in emergencies.

In addition to emergency stop controls, the ECC Series provides lockable maintenance switches that enable a technician to safely isolate equipment for servicing.

The E-Stop Control Center is factory wired and tested and is UL listed.

Standard Features:

  • Emergency stop controls for dispensers, pumps, card readers, and other circuits as required
  • Consistent wiring across sites provides ease of troubleshooting because all sites are the same
  • Lockable maintenance switches available for dispensers, pumps, and card readers
  • Factory wired and tested so the emergency stop functions when it is needed
  • Emergency stop controls for Pulser circuits and Ethernet circuits
  • A factory-installed e-stop operator on the enclosure door
  • NEMA 3R outdoor rated enclosure standard
  • NEMA 4X enclosure optional

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