The L-series sensors are expertly designed to deliver product-level alarms for high, caution, or low product levels.

Remote testing, without the need for removal, adds an extra layer of simplicity. Choose the L-2 for a variable length dual alarm point level sensor, offering flexibility and precision for your specific needs.

Elevate your tank monitoring experience with OMNTEC, where innovation meets reliability. Our L-series sensors stand out for their renowned ease of installation, unwavering reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Leveraging cutting-edge electro-optic technology, these solid-state sensors ensure accurate and continuous monitoring, providing you with peace of mind.

Ruggedly constructed and UL listed, our sensors have earned third-party certification, meeting the highest industry standards. What sets OMNTEC sensors apart is their unique capability for remote testing with the press of a single button, emphasizing convenience and efficiency.

Trust OMNTEC for sensors that redefine excellence—easy to install, reliable, and remotely testable, ensuring your operations run seamlessly.

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