LU3 | Three Channel Alarm Panel

OMNTEC’s LU and LPD leak-detection and overfill-alarm systems provide continuous, accurate monitoring in a variety of applications. Typical applications are reservoirs, sumps, dry interstitial spaces and dispenser pans.  

These easy-to-install controllers alarm for in tank levels and leak conditions. The LU controllers are capable of accepting up to 9  sensors for high level and leak detection. The LPD controllers are capable of accepting up to 9 sensors for in tank levels and product distinguishing leak detection.  The electro-optic sensors used with these controllers allow users to easily cycle all sensors through a simulated leak, with the press of a single button.  This feature eliminates the need to remove the sensor from its location.

An alarm condition is visually signaled by a dedicated LED indicator, which remains lit until the alarm condition is corrected.  Alarm conditions are audibly annunciated via a 95-decibel piezoelectric pulsing horn.  RA-series remote annunciators add high-level remote audio-visual alarms without the need for external AC power.

The LU-SP series controllers accommodate a variety of special applications.

The NEMA 4X rating of the LU and LPD series controllers indicates a weatherproof, corrosion-resistant product.  These controllers are ruggedly constructed to provide reliable and cost-effective performance.

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