The magnetostrictive tank-gauging MTG-RS-R5F(X)  Series probe utilizes magnetostrictive technology to provide users with the same level of reliability, durability and cost-effectiveness they expect with all OMNTEC products. The MTG-RS-R5F(X) Series probe used with OMNTEC’s tank gauging controllers monitors product levels, water levels and temperature in both underground and aboveground tank applications.

The MTG-RS-R5F(X) Series probe monitors the following conditions: high-product level, low-product level and high-water level. To provide the greatest flexibility of use, the probe’s shaft is 316 stainless-steel and the floats are available in a variety of materials and sizes.

The MTG-RS-R5F(X) Series probe is ruggedly constructed to provide reliable and cost-effective performance.

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