PLC-5000 Electronic Line Leak Detection

EPA compliant Line Leak Detection for all applications, from standard retail facilities to unique and atypical sites. Ideal for backup generator systems, marinas, train fueling depots, loading racks and more.

The PLC-5000 system consists of two primary components, a Turbine Control Node (TCN), shown above, and a Leak Detector Node (LDN). Turbine Control Node • Controls the OEM starter coils to start pumps • Monitors multiple LDNs • Performs volumetric leak detection calculations • In the event of a detected leak or other reportable alarm, alarms can be printed, presented on-screen, and output to ATG Systems. - Addition of CH-1101 Communications Hub enables alarm and system status reporting to Building Monitoring Systems, including BAS systems, cell phone, email, and other options. Leak Detector Node • Monitors and transmits line pressure management data to TCN - Line pressure management includes establishing a specific preset line pressure after authorizations end. This allows the system to continuously monitor for leaks or thermal issues.

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