RAS-1 | Remote Annunciator

OMNTEC remote annunciators are easy to install, reliable, cost-effective and capable of being tested remotely.

The RAS-series remote annunciators add audible and visible high-level alarms to OMNTEC’s automatic tank-gauging system.  The RAS-series interfaces only with OMNTEC’s OEL8000II and OEL8000IIIK/X.  

The primary application of OMNTEC remote annunciators is as a cautionary audio-visual alarm to signal a filling operator that a tank is approaching an overfill condition.  A major benefit of all OMNTEC remote annunciators is that they need no external power source.  This feature ensures cost-effective and time-saving installations.

RAS-series visual annunciators are LED indicators rated MTBF 11 years.  The annunciators’ audible alarm is a low-voltage, 95-decibel piezoelectric alarm.  The RAS-series allows a filling operator to acknowledge the alarm condition with a switch on the remote annunciator.  It is user-programmable for high-level, caution and time-out parameters.  The RAS-NYS offers a remote-annunciator option for conditions when distance or background noise requires a high-intensity, high-decibel remote annunciator.  The visual indicator of the RAS-NYS is a flashing strobe beacon.  The audible alarm is a 110-decibel piezoelectric horn.

OMNTEC remote annunciators have a NEMA-4X rating, which indicates a weather-proof, corrosion-resistant product.  Ruggedly constructed, these remote annunciators provide reliable and cost-effective performance.

Remote Testing

The RAS Series remote annunciator's ability to be tested remotely is as easy as pressing a button on the RAS remote without having to return to the OEL8000II/OEL8000III console.

Testing is achieved by pressing the silence button on the RAS remote.  If the horn sounds and the light(s) flash your RAS is in good working order.  *Available on firmware version 4.50 and higher.

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