TPM-6000 Series

Is Your Tank System Being Over-Pressurized During a Fuel Delivery?

There are practices that inadvertently or purposely circumvent Stage I Vapor Recovery, adding pressure to the storage tank, reducing the effectiveness of, or bypassing Stage I Vapor Recovery entirely. For instance, there is often a common vent for all gasoline tanks at a facility (including E85). If two tanks are receiving drops at the same time, the single return of a typical Stage I vapor recovery system is no longer working as intended, causing saturated hydrocarbons to vent. There are delivery personnel that, intent on dropping fuel faster, open the truck vents or do not connect the tank vapor return to the truck. This allows faster filling, but little or no vapor return to the tank truck. In addition to adding potentially damaging pressure to the storage tank, venting gasoline hydrocarbons to the atmosphere exposes people within 1,000 feet to toxic levels of benzene and other carcinogens. Not something you want to see in the news.

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