PROTEUS-K for Oil/Water Separator Tanks

PROTEUS K provides complete visibility on the status of your Oil/Water Separator. Featuring both internal and external tank monitoring, which is easily understood on its 7-inch color touch-screen. The PROTEUS Series can simultaneously monitor product levels, water levels, temperature, and leaks for each O/W Separator. Easy to understand and able to track multiple Oil/Water Separators from one simple console.

OEL8000IIIK provides level monitoring and leak detection for up to 4 Oil/Water Separators. It can be equipped with up to 16 OMNTEC Bright Eye (BX-Series) sensors for monitoring containment areas. Sensors come in either liquid or product distinguishing models.

With OMNTEC’s proven reliability, the PROTEUS K offers an attractive, expandable, comprehensive, and user-friendly system that simplifies separator monitoring. 

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