DataCheck for PROTEUS-W

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A brighter future in tank gauging and leak detection has arrived with the DataCheck for PROTEUS ATG system. Featuring advanced technology, versatility, scalability, and enhanced features like our 7-inch color touch-screen. The PROTEUS Series can simultaneously monitor product levels, water levels, temperature, leaks, and much more. High-resolution tank charts are stored in the system, and the integral API Volumetric Correction methodology is used to calculate NSV (Net Standard Volume). PROTEUS is a web-based, IoT platform which features accessibility using any browser without the need for proprietary apps.

DataCheck is our patented ISBPW (intrinsically-safe, battery-powered, wireless) tank monitoring system which has been in service since 1999. It provides high-accuracy inventory measurement (product level, water level, average temperature) and redundant overfill protection.

The DataCheck-enabled PROTEUS system employs the OEL8000IIIX-W ATG controller and can be expanded to monitor up to 44 DataStik™ Series inventory probes and up to 64 FillCheck® Series overfill protection sensors.

OEL8000IIIX-W is also expandable to simultaneously support our hardwired MTG-Series tank inventory probes and our networked BX-Series sensors.

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