PROTEUS-X | Automatic Tank Gauge

The PROTEUS OEL8000IIIX is a comprehensive yet robust automatic tank gauging and leak detection system that simultaneously monitors product levels, water levels, temperature, and leaks in up to 40 tanks.

The PROTEUS OEL8000IIIX accepts up to 64 of OMNTEC’s Bright Eye (BX Series) sensors for distinguishing hydrocarbons from water or for simply detecting the presence of a liquid. A distinct advantage of Bright Eye sensors is that they are networked and utilize a 4 wire bus technology which results in significant savings on installation costs.  A built in microprocessor gives each sensor the ability to identify itself and it’s location, and is displayed along with alarm conditions on the PROTEUS OEL8000IIIX’s 7” color touch screen graphic display.

With advanced technology and enhanced features like it’s user friendly 7” color touch screen, the PROTEUS OEL8000IIIX makes it easier than ever to navigate and interface with your Automatic Tank Gauge.

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