PROTEUS-K | Automatic Tank Gauge


We have upgraded our dependable PROTEUS Series with  advanced technology, versatility, scalability and new features like a capacitive touch screen display, 5 built in programmable relays and built in VPN capability. The PROTEUS-K Series can monitor multiple parameters, including product levels,  water levels, temperature, leaks and more in up to eight tanks simultaneously. This flexibility makes PROTEUS perfect for various tank gauging and leak detection applications.

The PROTEUS-K can accept up to 16 OMNTEC Bright Eye (BX Series) sensors, which are excellent for distinguishing  between product and water or detecting liquid presence. These Bright Eye sensors are networked and utilize 4-wire bus technology, providing a distinct advantage.  

BX Series sensors come equipped with a built-in microprocessor that enables each sensor to self-identify and provide its location. This information is readily displayed alongside alarm conditions on the PROTEUS’s  7-inch color capacitive touch screen graphic display.

With OMNTEC’s proven reliability, the PROTEUS offers an  attractive, comprehensive, and user-friendly system that opens the door to endless possibilities.

OMNTEC Mfg., Inc. has been certified by DQS Inc. to ISO 9001:2015; Registration Number 10017970.


• Accepts up to 8 magnetostrictive probes

• Accepts up to 16 Bright Eye sensors

• Sensors networked using state of the art  4 wire bus technology

• Color 7-inch graphic display with capacitive    touch screen  

• Large user-friendly icons

• Easy to read leak and level alarms


• Built in web server

• Built in VPN capability

• Flash based non-volatile memory for program  storage (does not require a battery)

• 1 RS-232 port

• Up to 2 configurable RS-232/RS-485 ports  (optional)

• Ethernet / TCP/IP standard

• E-mail / Text capability standard

• Thermal printer option or   network printing capable

• Up to 5 built in programmable relays

• Up to 8 additional external dry contact relays

• SD memory card slot (for extended logging)

• VLD standard

•  CITLD upgradeable

• Modbus RTU & TCP upgradeable

• Remote display option

• Compatible with Tank Active™ remote  tank inventory monitoring app

• Remote software update capable

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