Proteus-K Stainless Steel | OEL8000IIIK-SS


Building on the foundation of reliability and performance that has made our PROTEUS a trusted name, we are now offering a NEMA 4X stainless steel weatherproof enclosure!

The PROTEUS-K Series can simultaneously monitor product levels, water levels, temperature, leaks, and much more in up to eight tanks. The flexibility of PROTEUS makes it ideal for a variety of tank gauging and leak detection applications.

The PROTEUS-K accepts up to 16 of OMNTEC’s Bright Eye (BX Series) sensors for distinguishing product from water or for simply detecting the presence of liquid. A distinct advantage of Bright Eye sensors is they are networked and utilize 4 wire bus technology.

PROTEUS does not require sensor or probe input modules, bringing ease to ordering and installation. A built-in microprocessor gives each sensor the ability to identify itself and its location, which is displayed along with alarm conditions on the PROTEUS’s color 7-inch graphic display with capacitive touch screen.

OMNTEC Mfg., Inc. has been certified by DQS Inc. to ISO 9001:2015; Registration Number 10017970.

With OMNTEC’s proven reliability, the PROTEUS offers an attractive, comprehensive and user-friendly system that can open doors to endless possibilities.


• Accepts up to 8 magnetostrictive probes

• Accepts up to 16 Bright Eye sensors

• Sensors networked using state of the art 4 wire bus technology

• Color 7-inch graphic display with capacitive touch screen

• Sunlight visible

• Large user-friendly icons


• Easy to read leak and level alarms

• Built in web server

• Built in VPN capability

• Flash based non-volatile memory for program storage (does not require a battery)

• 1 RS-232 port

• Up to 2 configurable RS-232/RS-485 ports (1 included)

• Ethernet / TCP/IP standard

• E-mail / Text capability standard

• Network printing

• Up to 5 built in programmable relays

• Up to 8 additional external dry contact relays

• SD memory card slot (for extended logging)

• VLD standard

• CITLD upgradeable

• Modbus RTU & TCP upgradeable

• Remote display option

• Compatible with Tank Active™ remote tank inventory monitoring

• Remote software updates available

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